Unity XR - Auto-snapping grabbed object to new hand

2021.12.07 14:15 Snake_Byte Unity XR - Auto-snapping grabbed object to new hand

Hey VR people - using Unity's XR Interaction Toolkit, my hands use a XR Direct Interactor and I have a test object with an XR Grab Interactable script. The object has an attach transform which is added to the 'attach transform' field of that script. My problem is in the video when I've grabbed the object with my left hand using the grip button, if I then grab the object again with my right hand and release the left, it will snap to the right hand at the area of the attach transform.
Is there a way to avoid this behaviour? Ideally I'd be able to specify a left attach exclusively for the left hand, and a right attach exclusively for the right hand.
Any help super appreciated, thanks!
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2021.12.07 14:14 sarah28101 Cat and a hamster ?

Hi there ! I have a 1 year old dwarf hamster that current lives in her cage in my bedroom ! We are looking into getting a cat also but worried that it would be too risky? It would be an indoor and outdoor cat and could easily keep it downstairs or just not in my bedroom but is it too risky incase something happens ? Does anyone have any experience with owning both a cat and a hamster ? Any advice much appreciated! Thanks so much in advance :)
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2021.12.07 14:14 flac_rules Intensivkapasitet: - Hvor går smertegrensen?

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2021.12.07 14:14 prtj1617 Things You May Or May Not Know....Its Crazy How We Don't See It Right In...

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2021.12.07 14:14 Onyxonxa Maple leaf / fall bowl

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2021.12.07 14:14 Earthruler777 Yes! Charmander is a legendary Pokemon.

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2021.12.07 14:14 Caleb_Gangte How to confess my love?

I'm texting my crush rn and i wanna tell her i love her in the middle of a convo, how do i do it smooth?
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2021.12.07 14:14 damnpasi Hmm

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2021.12.07 14:14 datusernames Yang was my gateway to the left (Anecdote)

Now that a lot of the smoke has blown over, I feel like I can share this. I took a lot of issue with Vaush's take that Yang moved people to the right because that's not what I have seen in my experience with other Yang supporters.
During the primaries we had a small group active on my University's campus, maybe a dozen or so students doing occasional booths on campus, light canvassing, and phone-banking. Now almost every single one of us is active in our "regional" socialist group (aside from the ones who graduated and moved away). However, after the influx of those members the group has grown to over 100 members and is pushing to become a recognized student org. Although our action has largely been agitprop, lately there has also been efforts to encourage student unionization and we have always tried to support community action and protest efforts.
Before 2019 I would have considered myself to be a liberal, but didn't have a ton of interest in politics. The Yang campaign really changed that, getting me actually involved in a campaign and the electoral process. From there I came to realize a lot of his shortcomings as a candidate (particularly since his mayoral run). However, I do still push back when he's mischaracterized (not really something I want to get into now) even, though I don't consider myself a supporter of his anymore. It bothers me when people like Vaush act like Yang is moving people to the right when that is not what I have experienced at all.
I recognize that this is all anecdotal, but if my experience is the same as other former (or current) Yang-Gangers that might explain why many get so upset about these characterizations.
TLDR: Vaush claims Yang moves people to the right, meanwhile all the former Yang-Gangers I know (myself included) are active socialists/communists.
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2021.12.07 14:14 postyswife2 interview questions

I'm a medical assistant, I just left my job due to school hours. I'm interviewing for a remote scribe position tomorrow. I've never scribed before, but I've read probably a million office notes so I'm familiar with how they're written, etc. and I know this will be different from normal scribing because it's remote. I did some research and it seems like a common interview question is "what would you do if you came across a medical term you were unfamiliar with?"
how would you answer this? my first thought was Google it lol but I don't know if that is what they're looking for.
also, any other common questions I should be prepared for? TIA!!
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2021.12.07 14:14 EricaEscondida Realistically speaking--how many people stop HRT after a trying it for a bit?

I finally came out to my SO after a long (long) time of feeling unable to and doubting my identity. I communicated to her that I'm very interested in trying out HRT: because it's something that appeals to me, and also because my therapist has recommended it as a way to try and see how I feel about the changes that will come. It's a sort of advice that I've seen before in trans spaces, using HRT as a sort of litmus test for one's gender identity--if you like the changes after a couple of months, if the therapy makes you feel better and more at ease, then you're most likely trans; if, instead, you start feeling more distress and/or you don't like the changes that hormones bring, then you might be a confused cis person.
This makes sense to me, and it's the kind of exploration that I feel would help me come to terms with my gender identity or, you know, maybe make me realize that I've been hyping up something that I don't actually want. When I told this to my SO she was very understanding; she admitted to being scared and unsure of how she'd feel about the possible changes, but that she's above all supportive (yay!). But she also asked me the question in the title--how many people actually do stop HRT after trying it out for a while? How common is it that someone starts HRT and then goes "nope" and goes back to living as a cis person?--and it kinda left me a bit speechless. In the sense that it is a valid question and I have no clue what the answer to it might be.
I imagine there's not a lot of statistics on this, but I'm really wondering about it now. Does anyone have any thoughts?
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2021.12.07 14:14 GarrettXCVII I always wondered why I had issues with memory and always jumping around in my head and it came out I’m diagnosed with ADHD. It definitely is tough some days. I just found this sub and glad I did. It will help with laughs and positivity.

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2021.12.07 14:14 finalend8 Cheapest way to get Wattsons heirloom?

with every event theres always a way to game it a little bit. which bundles can u purchase to get wattsons heirloom with the least apex coins spent?
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2021.12.07 14:14 blueorphan Why are anti-vaxxers, racists, homophobes, and transphobes so stupid?

Seriously, like why are these people allowed to exist?
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2021.12.07 14:14 WelshN2A Favourite Match of the Year (2011-2021)

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2021.12.07 14:14 _tony_walker_ Glucose Drops During Severe Autonomic Episodes

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2021.12.07 14:14 Khalmoon I’ve been enjoying runeterra so much amidst all the awful game launches these last few months.

The most I can get mad at is bad balance of some deck types, but at the end of the day I just like winning in funny ways, not caring if I lose. I just wanna summon catastrophe and watch the life drain from my opponents face.
I don’t fully understand the current bandle city issues, and this is my first true card game, but I’m very much enjoying myself.
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2021.12.07 14:14 Arkaboop Patthicc Starr

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2021.12.07 14:14 MarshalJamesRaynor What subs have banned me?

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2021.12.07 14:14 witchwaywitchery TIMELESS - PICK A CARD - What do you need to hear right now?

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2021.12.07 14:14 jldew In the Shadows of Silverspire (Fantasy HFY) Chapter 3: The December Prince

A second later.
We arrived at another stone house, and another elf guarding the circle engraved on the floor. Reg never released his hold on his magic, which would have taken a great deal of concentration from the head rush of the translocation.
“Reg, I’m asking you as a Friend of House Coldhollow, please, release your spell, and put your wand down," I said.
He glared at me, and I returned that look. I didn’t want to cross wands with him. He needed to calm down, or be bound until he was calm. It might have been a slight desire for revenge on my part.
“It definitely is.” Voice chimed in, and I gave him a mental glare.
Reg took a breath. Then he made a flicking gesture with his hand to interrupt the auric channels of his power. His spell scattered to so many sparks, and he placed the wand in it’s holster.
We left the stone hut, and we were led through the forest to a great wooden house. The house was made of logs that had been polished and lacquered until they gleam. Fiona walked up the stairs of the deck, and swung the door open. There wasn’t a foyer, instead there were two rooms separated by an arch. There was a staircase off to the left. The house was wide, and had an open floor plan. The room we were in fed directly into a large sitting room. The house looked clean, and well loved, but it was a far cry from the townhouse.
“Freida, I’m home darling!”
“Mommy!” A trio of mewling voices yelled. I saw two calico and a Russian blue furred cat-children come rushing from three separate directions. One of the calico leapt into her arms first, and they nuzzled cheeks affectionately. Fiona groomed the top of her fur lovingly, and she let the child down.
She didn’t lower her to the floor, shedropped her. The child dropped to the floor, feet first, and the next one jumped into her arms. She repeated this gesture twice more. As she dropped the last cat-child unto the floor, a female Russian blue walked into the room.
She bowed to us.
“Welcome to our home, human." she said. We all returned the bows, and then Fiona greeted her the same way she had her children, minus the sudden leap into the arms.
Cassandra stepped forward, just before I did.
“On behalf of my friends, and my family, thank you for welcoming us.” She said with a smile, and extended her hand. Fiona quickly shook it.
“Follow us.” Fiona said.
We followed them into a sitting room. I subtly cast out my senses. While it wasn’t quite mage-sight, that was difficult under the most optimal situations, I could gain a solid sense of what magic was at work. Aside from our auras, there wasn’t much magic in this house. At all. I doubled down, flicking away my mental surroundings, the background noise, and focused solely on the magic around me.
The adults didn’t have magic at all. The gun Fiona had was enchanted. I could feel a few threads, which were probably spells that had been cast around them, or on them, but they were Untouched.
The children, however, did have some sort of the gift. I wondered if that was the status quo of our new world. We had only been here a few hours, and aside from those strange runes in the tunnel, and that transportation circle, it seemed like this was a world that while inherently magical, lacked the easy magic we had been privy to back home.
“Dinner will be done in a few moments, if you like, I can answer any questions you may have, or I can wait until after. Whatever you prefer.” Fiona said. We all traded looks.
“I think we’d like to wait until after dinner, Ma’am.” Cassandra said. Fiona nodded, and flicked her tail.
“I’ll leave you be.” She said, and left the room. Reg immediately turned to us.
“Andrews, I need both of you. I need to talk about matters of Fae, without the mundane-born hearing," he said.
“What’s your problem mate?” William asked.
“Will, forgive me. But this is a matter for the Court. I’m bound to a higher Power by an Incorporate Oath to only speak about these matters to those who are similarly allied with Winter.”
William frowned and looked at his siblings. Reg, as a member of The Winter Court, could have taken their oaths on behalf of his Queen. William knew that swearing these oaths was tantamount to swearing fealty to a foreign Power you had no knowledge about.
He recognized that, and herded his family backwards. Reg drew a square on the floor with his wand, and used that as a frame to layer a suite of silencing and secrecy wards. He nodded to us, and we added our own to the mix.
“What do you know about elves?” He asked us.
“Nothing except how much you despise them.” Emily replied.
“Do you have any idea why I hate elves? You’re a child of Winter as sure as I am.”
“No, we’re not. Bethany has kept us out of the dealings with the Fae," I said.
“And I’ve barely been an Andrews for a year.” Emily chimed in.
“How?!” Reg said, he had a look of complete shock on his face.
“The December Prince is her sworn ally! She has the audience and eye of the Frozen Queen! She was responsible for the takeover! How do you not know your own stature in the Winter Court?”
“Who is the December Prince?” Voice asked, and I repeated that question just before Emily spoke.
“So when she invited you last summer to my adoption party?” She asked.
Reg breathed, and looked up to the ceiling.
“I expected that I was being called as Heir of My House to a Council of War. The fact that she killed, and don’t give me that look, everyone knows what happened last summer, the Master Vampire of London dying during the Nadir of Winter?
The statement of power you gave when you killed Hernan Cortés should have been enough. The entire world has held its breath these past few months. Do you know how many banners were called because of that? How many old families of Summer and Vassals of Winter sent their artificers to work?” He gave us a blank look.
“You’re telling me that the Heirs of House Andrew know nothing about the affairs of Winter? Stephen, your own actions nearly sent the Courts to War,” He said, and let out a laugh that was more bark and bite than actual mirth.
I closed my eyes. I had killed the Master Vampire of Rio nearly six years ago when he tried to kidnap me. It had been an accident. But he hadn’t survived the attempt. That night still haunted my dreams.
“Kid, you cast to kill.” Voice said. I ignored that, even though I knew I had.
There had been other options, and looking back, I had done what I’d thought was right at the time.
“You fools. You are the right hand of Winter, and you don’t even know the forces you can bring to bear. I need to fill you in on the policies of Winter, or force your guardian to as soon as possible.” he said, and shook his head.
“We’re getting off track here. Winter hates the Elves as much as any Fae does. They’re vultures. They break into where they wish, steal what they want, and give it to who they will," Reg said.
“We have wards for that reason.” Emily said, and Reg laughed again. This was the same bark like laugh, void of joy or anything resembling actual amusement.
“Wards apply to them as much as the Someone Else’s Problem spell affect us. Whatever mancery they use, it’s beyond us.
During the first world war, the elves sided with Encausse, and they helped Robespierre gain Power. The elves lead a legion into the Heart of Winter. They don’t care about political boundaries, or guest rights. They care not for the subtleties of our society. They invade, and they take what they want, and they leave nothing but death and broken homes in their wake.
They were the ones that helped enact the Peril of Sapphic unto my line. The elves are forever sworn enemies of our Queen, and House Coldwood.”
“She’s not my queen, I’m beholden to no one.” I said, and Reg recoiled like I had just smacked him upside the head.
“Those are words tantamount to treason, Heir Andrews," he said.
“I have sworn no oaths to anyone.”
“Except your oaths to your family," he replied.
“As Heir, you are beholden to any debt you carry, or oaths you have sworn. Including the ones your Head of House has sworn.”
“You never answered my question, Reg, who is the December Prince?”
“Saying that name again would be folly, even without a way to get home. Don’t call it again.”
“Tell me who he is then," I said.
“The slender that you called forth as Emily’s second.”
“That’s just-” I started and he stopped me with a raised hand.
“One of the most powerful Slender in her Kingdom. You are sadly, scarily, uninformed.” He said, and there was a knock on the door.Reg broke his privacy spells as Fiona knocked on the door again. Fiona entered just as quickly.
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2021.12.07 14:14 ahmed22ag no-bleeding dye for plastisol

I need to make the anti dye , anti-migration for plastisol . I need to know the raw materials for it .
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2021.12.07 14:14 TaupeTaurus Survivor Queue Times?

I’ve been waiting for a match for 10 minutes to finally get the message “unable to find match at this time”
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2021.12.07 14:14 NewZealandGirl20 Can an Etsy seller charge me for a commercial license of an image that she downloaded from the internet?

I just had a bizarre experience where a lady from a shop much bigger than mine who messaged me with demands that I take down a pretty common picture of Marilyn Monroe that I have on a shower curtain and a bed cover. She sells the picture as a digital download and told me if I wanted to use the picture I would have to pay her $20 for a commercial license. I have never been to her store and I didn't download it from her. I know I don't own the copyright for this picture but she claimed that she created it when it is clearly created by somebody else. She threatened to have my Etsy shop shut down if I didn't remove which I just went ahead and did because I don't need that. However, does she have the right to do this when I am pretty sure she doesn't own the copyright of this picture and definitely did not create it.
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2021.12.07 14:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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