AMC TRADE CONFIRMATION / like him or not good point

American Motors Corporation (AMC; commonly referred to as American Motors) was an American automobile manufacturing company formed by the merger of Nash-Kelvinator Corporation and Hudson Motor Car Company on May 1, 1954. At the time, it was the largest corporate merger in U.S. history. American Motors' most similar competitors were those automakers that held similar annual sales levels such as ... Get the latest news and analysis in the stock market today, including national and world stock market news, business news, financial news and more So, I have discovered that the pace, the dialoge, the characters, and the situations, all framed with superior writing and good acting, really draws me into this world, in spite of its air of testosterone out of control, where the only thing the men want to do with all the women they meet is to get them into the sack. Ride with Norman Reedus is AMC’s new reality show that features The Walking Dead star as he hits the open road to explore motorcycle culture around the country. Like his character on the zombie apocalypse program, Daryl Dixon, Reedus himself is a huge motorcycle enthusiast, making him the ideal host for a show that dives into the eccentric attractions of some of America’s most picturesque ... While not necessarily historically correct, Hell on Wheels gives us a glimpse into the past to an event that changed America forever. If you are a history buff, love trains, or looking for a good adventure, this is it. We watched this when it aired on A&E and eagerly awaited each episode. Rarely does anything attract my attention like that.

2021.12.07 14:27 1980Scottsdale AMC TRADE CONFIRMATION / like him or not good point

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2021.12.07 14:27 sigbald Let's talk about Team games (the underrepresented kind)

In my 20+ years in the hobby I just recently realized how great team boardgames are. I find it strange so few of those game exists. There is plenty of one vs many games and hidden role/hidden team games but the clear Team vs Team (mostly symmetric) genre is so rare and don't play the same as the other genre. Hidden games are their own kind (mostly deduction games) and one vs many are often dungeon crawler. Team games are closer to 'usual' free-for-all competitive board games but add a touch of cooperation.
On a social game night I want to gather friends and develop a feeling of sharing a goal. The "We are in this together" feeling is so great and makes me remember why I like being around those people. On the other side, nothing come close to measuring your wits against another human and good competition often bring vivid emotions (Laugh, surprise, horror, satisfaction). My group sees full co-op games as a puzzle to solve together which is fine sometimes but can be lackluster. I think team games strike the perfect balance between cooperation and competition. I get to team with a friend and crush (or be crushed by) a friend AT THE SAME TIME !
Is it just me that crave that genre so much ? How do you explain the rarity of team games on the market right now ? Why most of the Sports are based around teams and a lot of video games also feature teams or squads and we, boardgamers, are denied that fun ?
Feel free to also add your favourite team game in the comments. I'll add the list of games I've played below.
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2021.12.07 14:27 vacuumsniffer Too many ruins? Map too cluttered?

After several play-throughs (if I can call them that), I've come to the conclusion that the map is too cluttered. Too many ruins, too many crevasses and cracks. Once one or two monuments are recovered the steady flow of influence makes it too easy to claim ruins and get artifacts or resources. In zen mode gameplay ends up being a quest to claim all the available territory and try to work out how to place roads in between and around the terrain clutter.
I realize that the game is incomplete and it is a work in progress. I'm OK with that, but I'm hoping it matures in a direction that reduces the grind while also increasing the challenge.
For example, I would prefer that the map be larger, with ruins scattered around singly or in small clusters. Mineral and isotope nodes could play a larger role in economic development, with ruins serving mainly as a source of artifacts.
Anyway, that's my take on it. I think the game has a lot of promise, and it is pretty to look at.
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2021.12.07 14:27 brusibrusi Análisis de Devil May Cry 2 en español.

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2021.12.07 14:27 reqarfar Has anybody tried to retrain Stanza NER on new data?

I have been trying to follow the instructions in this page to retrain Stanza on a new dataset for NER.
I have managed to convert my .iob files (training, development and test datasets) into the .json files required by the model. However, I don't understand where I should put my data to have "" run successfully.
This command is mentioned in the page:

python -m fi_turku 
But I don't understand what "fi_turku" is supposed to be. I know it's a sample corpus I can download, but what is it exactly? A directory containing the three .json files? What is the path to it?
It seems like the only problem is the path to the new dataset I want to train the model on, but I'm failing to undestand where exactly I should put it.
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2021.12.07 14:27 Lil_Pine69 G2g Office Rn

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2021.12.07 14:27 medo_SWE95 is fallout 76 a bad download?

Beaten most content on destiny 2, considering to give fallout 76 a try. I love online RPGs where I can progress on my character.. but seems like this game have mixed reviews?
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2021.12.07 14:27 EddieVicRattlehead Picture I took of The George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, VA.

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2021.12.07 14:27 Theguywiththefiddle [OC] New Homebrew World: The Lands of Evntyr! Just finished the map and basic lore, so I thought I'd do a AMA!

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2021.12.07 14:27 Limsulation YOU GOTTA GIVE!

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2021.12.07 14:27 nivh_de Abgabe von Cannabis: Droge der Gutverdiener

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2021.12.07 14:27 RobertGOTV A timeline of failure

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2021.12.07 14:27 mauricexxa Super Cool

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2021.12.07 14:27 IngramInternet Crossmurrin - Google Search

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2021.12.07 14:27 olivia94tennis McLaren Racing reveals a one-off livery with Vuse designed by Rabab Tantawy, an emerging UAE-based artist for the Abu Dhabi GP

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2021.12.07 14:27 Huge_Custard4019 What if god is resurrected by orochi sacrifice ?

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2021.12.07 14:27 maddieadair I am syncretic and will listen to both sides. For a better loving community.

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2021.12.07 14:27 sphinx9092 ELDEN RING TWEET

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2021.12.07 14:27 Jabbam This is the photo released by the Kremlin of the Putin-Biden meeting

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2021.12.07 14:27 EarlyNot Reshiram raid on us 5104 2443 0916 & 3272 0547 8699

5104 2443 0916 & 3272 0547 8699
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2021.12.07 14:27 bcfp2016 So am I getting free internet?

Xfinity/comcast has to be the stupidest company I’ve ever dealt with.
Purchased an internet package prior to moving into my condo. It is the 600mbps with a promo in my area for $50per month. I chose to do the self install package so I didn’t need to pick anything up.
Fast forward to me moving in (around a month later). I had bought the nighthawk routemodem combo and was going to use it to do a self install.
It didn’t work.
Called xfinity and the guy was saying, “ah yes sir you need an appointment sir your condo is not wired for internet sir. It’s $200 and a 3 week wait period for a technician”.
This had me laughing as I was staring at the brand new cable box outside and can see the switch in my closet. It is properly labeled and online for all Ethernet ports in my house.
I called back and spoke to 4 different people who kept insisting I needed this appointment and my place has never been wired. (Yet how can I not be wired if ALL my neighbors are plus this condo is brand new and xfinity spent a week wiring the building during final stages)
I decided to get a little mischievous after like a full fucking day of trying to talk to these people. Each time was an hour long phone call wait.
By lunch I came up with a plan and called again and said: hiii the tech came out and did whatever he had to do but my modem router isn’t working can you activate it on your network? “Sure what’s the MAC address” you go..”okay it’s activated on our side and running some updates hang tight”.. okay yep it just restarted.. “yes okay it should be online now sir” and it is.. getting 200-400mbps but that’s good enough for me.
Fast forward to me calling to cancel the upcoming appointment the next day. They didn’t understand why I was canceling. They bring on a sales team member. It escalated to an actual manager here in the US on the phone who didn’t understand. They couldn’t comprehend why I wanted to cancel my appointment but keep my internet active. I repeatedly told each person I have an active internet service. I DONT need the appointment. I was met with “sir it’s impossible for you to have internet without a technician coming to install fiber”..
So they ended up cancelling my appointment AND they had to cancel my account that was linked to it.. there was apparently no way to simply cancel an appointment. Utter bullshit but hey their loss!
So my account is disabled and when I login, it says I do not have any active orders or internet service.
But my modem/router works. Sure I ordered the 600mbps package and am only receiving 200-300, but no complaints!
My account says I owe nothing and my account isn’t activated.
So what are the odds they catch on? I highly doubt they will. I’m not a high traffic user. Just simple steaming and working from home.
I’ve tried checking my account online, on the mobile app, and even called and played dumb. They simply said “you don’t have a bill due - your account isn’t active”.
Perhaps they should listen to their customers…
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2021.12.07 14:27 fizik4 Ethereum Cash
ETHC is estimated to grow above 500usd by the end end of 2021 which is ocer 100x your initial investment value
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2021.12.07 14:27 supersonic63 Day 185 of 365: Stone Ocean Anime Opinions? Appears quite hype

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2021.12.07 14:27 Important_Inside1936 What a day I’m having🤙🏼

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2021.12.07 14:27 TylerDrummond [CA][Selling] Dragon Ball Super Anime Bluray Complete Series, Hunter x Hunter 2011 Anime Blu ray Complete Series + Movies

Hi all!
Looking to sell Hunter x Hunter 2011 Complete Series (Sets 1-7) + Movies Bluray and Dragon Ball Super Complete Series (Sets 1-10) Bluray.
Asking $200 CAD for Hunter x Hunter.
Asking $250 CAD for Dragon Ball Super.
Shipping to Canada and US and will be quoted based on location. Willing to negotiate and offer lower deal for both series bought together. Not splitting blurays. Hoping to sell ASAP!
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