ai certification

2022.01.27 01:33 techcouncilglobal ai certification

Become a certified ai expert from Global Tech Council. We have a professional team of ai experts to deliver the best quality training session. Visit our website to know more.
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2022.01.27 01:33 Biggestwags ON A HOT SUMMER NIGHT

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2022.01.27 01:33 CBSEfuckedmoi My teachers really wanna FML.

So another rant... Mann halka karna hai.
So our class timings are fixed and no teacher takes extra class, syllabus ghanta finish nahi hua and even in all this bullshit, they decide to cancel classes, take long leave's and just be assholes in general. Like WTH???? Students futures are in your hand. It seems students se zyada teachers want the papers cancelled. And school teaching situation all are familiar with.
Like if I'm studying from YT, mom passes comments like games khel raha hai or videos dekh raha hai. I fucking.. FUCK ... FUCKING hate the fact like the World is just fucking with this batch (atleast in my school).
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2022.01.27 01:33 Ellekm730 I just created r/workingantiwork as a response to the ongoing drama with that sub

Trying to make a space to compile information and organize efforts. Come join us!
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2022.01.27 01:33 MyJointsAreCrips4Lyf Honoured Advancement | Bonus high level units?

I was just reading through the crusade rules for Custodes and found this requisition, I just want to confirm I'm understanding this correctly.
>Purchase this Requisition when an ADEPTUS CUSTODES CORE unit from your army gains the Heroic or Legendary rank. Add an ADEPTUS CUSTODES CHARACTER unit assigned to the same shield host as that ADEPTUS CUSTODES CORE unit to your Order of Battle. You cannot purchase this Requisition if doing so would cause your total Power Level to exceed your Crusade force’s Supply Limit. That ADEPTUS CUSTODES CHARACTER unit starts with the same number of experience points as that ADEPTUS CUSTODES CORE unit and gains the appropriate number of Battle Honours for its rank. Then, change the experience points of that ADEPTUS CUSTODES CORE unit to 16, remove Battle Honours so it has no more than two, and adjust its Crusade card accordingly (including updating its Crusade points total).
So say I had a 3 man squad of Allarus of Heroic rank who I purchased this requisition for, they all immediately drop down to Battle-hardened rank and lose any excess battle honours except the two they are now allowed. However I then get to add a CHARACTER model to my army that is now Heroic rank, it gains all the appropriate battle honours for it's rank (3 in this case).
No where does it say that the CHARACTER unit has to be the same style as the original though, so I could just add in a bike-captain or a Vexilus Praetor that's not in terminator armour?
This is a requisition with a lot of rules to it and it's melting my brain currently.
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2022.01.27 01:33 krinknzt Advise

Hi, im so confused, I want to know what I can do to get this girl interested in me, she is a friend I met in high school (I'm currently in college), we were always together and I felt a very very special connection with her, once I asked her if she wanted to try something more than friendship and she rejected me at that time. But since then every time we go out to drink all our friends from high school together and we have the same connection, but I know that if I ask her she will reject me again, I don't know what to do, the only flaw I have is that I don't have as much money as her (I'm not poor) but that's all, I wouldn't like to lose her friendship either.
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2022.01.27 01:32 mrsidnaik To everyone who has played and is playing Legends Arceus. Do you want Game Freak to follow this gameplay style for the mainline games?

I just finished playing and I'm unsure. I don't understand the turn mechanics and the graphics are nothing to write home about. I sometimes miss the predictibility of the old games but at the same time, it's exciting to game on agile and strong. I loved certain parts of it but I'm not too sure whether or not this should be the style for mainline Pokemon games.
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2022.01.27 01:32 skuzzlebutt36 Thanks I hate insex on my face

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2022.01.27 01:32 othercarbeingwokedon Is it “Gene’s West” or “Jeans West”

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2022.01.27 01:32 BackspinZX #Jamuary2022: Day 26 - Volca Keys, PO-20 Arcade, PO-33 K.O!, NTS-1

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2022.01.27 01:32 Nursingprofessor [Hire Me] An Experienced Nursing Assignment Writer For All Your Clinical Papers, NCLEX, Essays and Research Papers. Confidentiality and Quality Guaranteed. Email at and nursingpro#1017. (10% Off on your FIRST ORDER)

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Key offerings

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2022.01.27 01:32 Lazy-Formal895 Babatunde went to skool 😐💯

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2022.01.27 01:32 Dabzor42 Some things Gandalf can't fix.

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2022.01.27 01:32 banana_jpg Help Ben get justice!

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2022.01.27 01:32 A-Jill-Sandwich KOF XV Omega Edition is now available to pre-order at Gamestop!

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2022.01.27 01:32 admirer2trans Good someone did the right thing and fixed the terrible editing and placed a protection lock on the editing button

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2022.01.27 01:32 Zakaveli23 Jump Shot Splash Color

Does anyone know how to change the color of your jump shot splash color? I saw in a recent 2k Labs video that Spillboy had his changed to black and I can't seem to find the setting anywhere. Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.27 01:32 rederown I was wondering if anyone could explain to me how that top hunter did this

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2022.01.27 01:32 Ziddy whats this about lol

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2022.01.27 01:32 MattKarr Odd coincidence?

I cant imagine it was an accident Frank Herbert had given Hedley Tuek the same last name as the smuggler Esmar Tuek 5 books and thousands of years apart, but does he ever explicitly state that they were distant relatives?
I think it's super cool cause technically both respect and fought for the Atreides in their own way
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2022.01.27 01:32 platypottamus Little brown snail on a moon cactus at lowes

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2022.01.27 01:32 Irish_guy1423 Weird thick crust

Left a fresh tin of cope in my car and when I got back to it about 3 hours later and opened it I noticed there was an odd thick too layer. Never seen it before, is this normal or should I throw it out? It’s not expired.
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2022.01.27 01:32 jibmanji Building a service desk

I’m looking to see if anyone has some good tips or guides on tips for building a L1 service desk.
What worked well for you when implementing a new support option?
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2022.01.27 01:32 Wide_Housing3301 If you delete this post your family will have their life reduced by 10 yrs

Your mom and dad will die of cancer if you delete this post.
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Your mom and dad will die of cancer if you delete this post.
Your mom and dad will die of cancer if you delete this post.
Your mom and dad will die of cancer if you delete this post.
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2022.01.27 01:32 Alarming_Baseball497 Is Damien going to adopt the goth lifestyle?

First it was black nails, then the wardrobe change up. Now it’s the eyeliner. Don’t get me wrong, I’m here for it. But also confused as to why he’s morphing into his girlfriend.
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