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Paula’s deleted tweet

2022.01.27 03:07 Epic-JackyWen Paula’s deleted tweet

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2022.01.27 03:07 Lucius-Halthier Need help finding a mod that adds resources such as rare metal.

In the past I used a lot of mods to add more to the game, and there is one I cannot for the life of me remember. This mod added new resources into the game, resources such as ice, waste, natural fuel I believe, and rare metals, if anyone knows the mod I’m talking about I would appreciate if you can share it.
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2022.01.27 03:07 sofetch718 Mofo Shirt Co.

What should we design next? www.mofoshirtco.com
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2022.01.27 03:07 ChrollosNen Uzui Tengen Nendoroid is officially coming.

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2022.01.27 03:07 FuzzySquish_123 weird trade pokemon

i wish i could post a photo but i am doing surprise trade with my breedjects and got a shiny skarmory!
i got all excited then started getting curious as to why someone would trade away a shiny. it's nicknamed VGeekZcom, lvl 100, in a level ball, max dynamax level, bold natured, and has 5 ribbons..... description says recieved from nursery and hatched on 1/22/2022 on route 5.
is it fake? should i just release it?
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2022.01.27 03:07 CronoDroid Yuju - YUJU BERRY & [REC.] Album Unboxing

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2022.01.27 03:07 boppinmule Australia scientists find 'spooky' spinning object in Milky Way

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2022.01.27 03:07 moug54 I told her I don’t like her…but I think I do

I (24m) have been casually dating this girl (21f) for roughly 2 months. Things have been going well but they’re very confusing. When we first started talking we immediately made it clear that we did not want a relationship and rather wanted to make things intimate with no strings. Fast forward to now and we talk on the phone every night and see each other a few times a week and it’s become for more than just hooking up.
Her actions make me feel like she’s developing feelings for me but she always clarifies that she does not want anything serious with me.
Today the conversation came up about how I feel about her, I told her I care about her but I see our relationship going anywhere because of the cap we originally put on it. I mainly said that because my pride got in the way and I didn’t want to tell her I was developing feelings if I wasn’t certain she felt the same (which I’m not).
I could tell what I said upset her which makes me more confused. She says she doesn’t want a relationship but gets upset when I say the same thing.
I don’t want to tell her how I actually feel because I don’t wanna ruin what we have. Also I have no clue if I even actually like her or just like the idea that I can’t have her.
Have any of you been in a confusing relationship like this and how should I go forward with it?
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2022.01.27 03:07 FruityPoet Audiobook style / no-commentary playthrough in the works

I’ve been weighing this project for a long time and finally decided to take it on. The final recordings will sound slightly different (this was recorded in a room with terrible ambient noise as a concept test; I’m building a homemade sound booth to counteract this), and there will be gameplay footage included. I expect it will take three months to complete. I may upload some character voice tests later for fun, but until then I hope you all enjoy this small concept I put together. Cheers! ☕️✨
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2022.01.27 03:06 NeoZero35 Google maps, disable voice over Bluetooth not working

I always disable voice over Bluetooth when using google maps, but about a week ago it stopped working. Whether it's on or off the voice still plays over Bluetooth in my car. I've already reset my phone and unfortunately that didn't fix the problem. Anyone know if it's a phone issue or app issue, and how to possibly fix it?
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2022.01.27 03:06 Heyloxc Join our discord channel to stand a chance in the couple of giveaways we're running (a PS5 is involved)

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2022.01.27 03:06 bryton9763 I have a shiny Zamazenta and I don't have sword I'll trade it for a shiny Zacian code

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2022.01.27 03:06 hrcy28 Can I drink instant coffe?

So I know that black coffe is ok, I don't drink too much coffe so I don't know too much about it... Is instant coffe ok? I looked up and it has <1 kcal...
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2022.01.27 03:06 No_5127 Mission: The Invasion of Alpha State (part 2)

Chapter 5 – The Battle of the Skies:
After an undetermined period of time (all up to the GM), the invasion force finally reaches its target. Unbeknownst to the Troubleshooters, the location that they think is Alpha State is really ZOT Sector. The Computer, being Its usual schizophrenic self, is completely unaware of what is going on. In a few moments, Its sensors will relate that Its glorious strike force has begun its attack on Alpha State, and at the same time ZOT Sector of Alpha Complex has come under enemy bombardment. It will, of course, react appropriately to this obvious Commie invasion. Sometime before the action begins, read:
You have been flying for quite some time now, hourcycles, possibly. This is no doubt the longest flight you have ever taken – so long that even the Teela-O-MLY rerun that the Computer has graciously loaded into your bomber’s vidscreen is starting to look less awe-inspiring than it was the eleventh time around, not long after takeoff. Still, the sound is pretty good, at least – like just now, when that tacnuke explosion was accompanied by a deep “thump” just after the shell hit the Commie hideout. You almost felt that vibration – so realistic!
Hey, there’s that “thump” again, but a bit louder this time…and another one, even louder! Wait a minutecycle, there’s nothing on the vidscreen but the closing credits, and you feel the whole bomber shake as another “THUMP” is heard. You sit in silence for a moment, hearing nothing but the soft whirring of the bomber’s engines, and then, seeming to come from far below, you hear a muffled explosion, followed by more “THUMP” noises, all even louder than before.
The first thing to tip the Troubleshooters off that their arrival over enemy territory has not gone unnoticed is the sudden barrage of artillery from below, as they have just heard. Each round, a ZOT Sector field gun will fire at the Troubleshooters’ bomber (skill 11, damage AP10). After the first hit, the GM should roll 1d20; if the result is 15 or less, the bomber’s viewports and canopy become clear, and it switches over to manual control (an unlabelled red light above the cockpit control panel flashes before this happens – any clone in the area may roll a Moxie check to notice it, and if they roll less than half of their Vulturecraft Op. & Maint. score, they actually remember from their training what it means). If the roll was 16 or above, the viewports and canopy malfunction, and remain opaque; although the bomber still switches to manual control – all piloting skills are effectively quartered while the cockpit’s instrument panel is still functioning, and nonexistent if and when it is destroyed. The GM should consult the Bomber Damage Chart below to determine the effects of damage inflicted on the Troubleshooters’ craft.
While this is going on, the remainder of the invasion force is encountering similar problems. Each turn, there is a 50% chance that 1-4 (1d20/5, rounding as appropriate) other bombers are blown out of the air by the artillery fire. The smaller vulturecraft manage to avoid this fate. The sight of fiery hulks of metal slamming into the ground far below might give the Troubleshooters the idea that things might not go as easily as they expect.
The barrage will continue for eight turns, and then a squadron of 20 enemy vulturecraft will take to the air to intercept those bombers that made it through. Although the Alpha Complex vulturecraft will block much of the counterattack, a handful will make it through to attack the bombers. There is a 25% chance each turn that one of the enemy vulturecraft will attack the Troubleshooters’ bomber. If the enemy pilot makes a successful hit, determine the location using the Bomber Hit Location Chart below. Remember that the Troubleshooters and Infrareds aboard the bomber can take damage from these attacks, too.
Due to the large number of shots being fired in this battle, it is recommended that the GM use the following fast-play rules, in order to keep the action moving and make the adventure more enjoyable:
Fast-Play Rules for Vehicular Combat

  1. Allow Troubleshooters to choose targets, resolve what the Infrared porters are doing (if anything), determine which enemy vulturecraft will attack the Troubleshooters.
  2. Troubleshooters attack – roll normally to hit, but each shot fires off ten rounds of ammunition (for projectile weapons only, due to high rates of fire), and roll ten times on the appropriate damage column; damage is cumulative. If the first round misses, they all do. Up to ten shots (or 100 rounds) may be fired each battle round, rolling to hit for each volley of ten rounds. Treat laser weapons as per laser pistols.
  3. If a 20 was rolled for a projectile attack, the affected rounds jam and explode in the weapon, doing their damage to the gunner and rendering the weapon useless.
  4. Repeat for enemy vulturecraft.
  5. For attacks against other bombers, roll a single attack against the bomber – an “incapacitate”, “kill”, or “vapourise” results in the destruction of the bomber (treat them as having ALL 4 armour).
  6. Roll for bomber and Alpha Complex vulurecraft attacks against enemy craft – same damage results in step 5 apply here.
As discussed above, attacks made against the bomber must be determined using the following chart, due to the vehicle’s size. It should be noted that some areas (such as the cockpit) are obviously more vital than others - the bomber could continue flying without its gunner bubbles, for example.
Bomber Hit Location Chart:
1d20 Roll Bomber Area Affected Catastrophic Damage*
1-2 Front Gunner Bubble Bubble implodes due to damage sustained (P11 damage to occupant); weapon is inoperable. Subsequent hits to this area hit the occupant directly.
3 Cockpit Shards of the fuselage are scattered throughout cockpit (P12 damage to occupants); controls and instrument panel are dead; bomber begins to lose altitude. Subsequent hits to this area hit the occupants directly.
4-6 Left side of fuselage Fuselage becomes riddled with holes (P12 damage to occupants); waist gun on affected side is useless; leftover ammunition has 50% chance of exploding. Subsequent hits to this area hit the occupants directly.
7-9 Right side of fuselage As above, but if both sides sustain vapourise damage the bomber will rip in two in four rounds, with both pieces spinning earthward.
10-12 Left wing Large chunks of wing are torn off; fuel leaks out in large quantities; bomber begins to lose altitude. All piloting skills are penalised by –5.
13-15 Right wing As above; penalties to piloting skills are cumulative (i.e., a –10 if both wings are badly damaged).
16 Top Gunner Bubble Same as Front Gunner Bubble.
17-18 Under Gunner Bubble Same as Front Gunner Bubble, but occupant will fall out in three rounds due to damaged security straps if he or she does not leave.
19-20 Tail Gunner Bubble Same as Front Gunner Bubble.
*This information is intended as an aid to GMs to determine what might happen if a given area of the bomber receives a “kill” or “vapourise” result in terms of damage.
If and when the bomber is hit in a given area, the GM will also need to roll for the severity of the damage. The Bomber Damage Chart (below) provides rough guidelines to the GM as to what might happen to the bomber, depending on the level of damage sustained to an area. The results are not cumulative, and they will persist until the Troubleshooters can effect repairs (if they are able to do so).
If the Troubleshooters are able to hit an enemy fighter, roll for their damage normally; the fighters do not have hit locations due to their smaller size. “Kill” or “vapourise” results indicate that the vehicle in question has been destroyed, “incapacitate” means the vulturecraft spins out of control and crashes, a “wound” result means that vehicle will fire at a –4 penalty until it is shot down or retreats, and a “stun” result means the vehicle will not be able to attack for two rounds. Once a ZOT Sector vulturecraft is damaged, there is a 50% chance every round that it breaks off the fight and retreats back to base for repairs (it is considered out of action for the duration of this mission).
Bomber Damage Chart:
Damage Level Typical Damage Result
Stun Minor electrical failures (restroom light doesn’t turn on); 10% chance that random laser weapon will not fire for a couple of rounds; onboard computer may input faulty (but harmless) data; 10% chance that communications with the Computer or other bombers are garbled; minor structural damage (dents and scratches).
Wound Moderate electrical failures (cabin lights no longer work); 25% chance that random laser weapon will not fire for a couple of rounds; 20% chance that onboard computer inputs faulty data that causes a weapon to misfire (possibly hitting another bomber); 30% chance that communications with the Computer or other bombers are garbled; small gouges in hull; flight path is unsteady.
Incapacitate Severe electrical failures (instrument panel doesn’t always work); 50% chance that random laser weapon will not fire at all; onboard computer may input corrupted data – guidance systems and radar are unreliable; 20% chance that hull ruptures induce fuel loss; 60% chance that all radios are out; large holes in hull; 10% chance every turn that fires erupt on bomber; losing altitude.
Kill See Catastrophic Damage Section of Bomber Hit Location Chart.
Vapourise See Catastrophic Damage Section of Bomber Hit Location Chart.
Eventually, the Troubleshooters should be suitably afraid of being blown away, shot to ribbons, or otherwise falling to their doom. Just when their survival begins to look doubtful, their ComUnits crackle to life, and the joyous voice of the Computer is heard by everyone onboard:
“Good daycycle, Troubleshooter Team IAS/9698A! Is everything going well on your mission?”
The Troubleshooters should answer positively – assign a treason point to those exhibiting sub-optimal levels of zeal, then continue:
“Excellent! I will now provide you with additional information relevant to your mission. Your team is to attack the evil Commie stronghold’s Communication Centre, its main Ammunition Storage Facility, and its Information Processing Node. The co-ordinates for these targets have been sent to your bomber’s onboard computer – it will alert you when one of your targets is nearby. Once you are over a target, simply drop a few bombs and enjoy the opportunity to serve Alpha Complex with bravery and distinction! One final note, Citizens – preliminary reports indicate that these Commies have tried to disguise themselves as honest clones of Alpha Complex. Do not be fooled by their lack of facial hair and standard Commie hats! Know that every tacnuke dropped on Alpha State strikes a blow against Commie oppression! Thank you for your co-operation.”
The Computer then breaks contact – nothing the Troubleshooters can do will allow them to re-establish communications with It for the moment. By this time most of the invasion force has either retreated, been shot down, or is too far away to render any assistance to the Troubleshooters. For all intents and purposes, the Troubleshooters are alone over enemy territory. The GM may wish to spice things up by throwing an enemy vulturecraft or two at them. Eventually, the onboard computer (if it still works – if not, the Troubleshooters will have no way of knowing where their targets are located) will inform them that a target is drawing near, and the pilot makes a Vehicle Aimed Weapons check to determine whether the bombs (they are dropped in groups of three) hit their target. A miss simply means something else got nuked. Once the last of the tacnukes have been dropped, there is nothing left for the Troubleshooters to do but turn around and return home. Provided the onboard computer has not been damaged, it will resume control of the bomber and fly it back to Hangar #42. If this is not the case, the Troubleshooters will have to fly the bomber back themselves. In either case, there is a good chance of pursuit, in which case the Troubleshooters and the other surviving bombers will face enemy vulturecraft once more, who will pursue them (see Chapter 7).
If the Troubleshooters Die En Route:
If, or more appropriately when, the Troubleshooters are shot down over enemy territory, and there are no survivors from the crash (this will be the case if any tacnukes are still on board), the replacement clones will be dropped off, via Clone Insertion Units, near the crash site. Continue to Chapter 6.
If, for whatever reason, the bomber explodes or crashes before it even reaches ZOT Sector, the replacement clones will then be assigned to a land assault battalion (gee, no one ever told them about this, did they?), transported in huge tracked troop carriers, following the wave of bombers. There are no windows in their vehicle and there is nothing to see inside, just the Troubleshooters and about 100 Armed Forces grunts. When the vehicles arrive in ZOT Sector after many hours, their rear doors will open, and a large mechanical scoop will pop out of the ceiling and force the battalion outside. The invasion force will then be attacked by about 300 soldiers armed with Red laser pistols (skill 8, damage L8). Smart Troubleshooters will try to flee, and let the two forces shoot it out amongst themselves, although the invasion force (numbering about 2,000 in total) will win eventually. Go on to the next section.
In the event that a clone is killed while in flight, the replacement clone will be flown in by a tiny, very fast automated flybot, which will dock alongside the bomber and allow the replacement to board the craft (assuming a member of the Troubleshooter team opens the door) via an extendable docking tube. The positioning of the flybot inconveniently blocks much of the left mid gunner’s arc of fire, effectively rendering that side defenceless while the docking is underway. Any shots directed at the bomber will have a 40% chance (8 or less on 1d20) of hitting the flybot instead (which has ALL3 armour). If all goes well, the docking only takes five rounds. If the flybot is destroyed before the clone managed to board the bomber, it’s a long way down…
Chapter 6 – Behind Enemy Lines:
Regardless of how they end up on the ground, the Troubleshooters will be confronted with the ruin that is Alpha State/ZOT Sector. Although many of the bombers were shot down, enough of them managed to do serious damage. If the Troubleshooters try to radio the Computer for help, they will learn the approximate locations of their targets. It will then be up to them to make their way through the ruined terrain to their targets. How long the journey takes is up to the GM, but the following random encounter table will ensure everyone stays alert, trusts no one, and keeps their lasers handy.
Alpha State/ZOT Sector Random Encounter Table:
1d20 Roll Encounter
1-5 Aside from some strange scurrying noises amidst some nearby smoking rubble, the Troubleshooters encounter nothing.
6-8 A well-hidden sniper, armed with an Orange laser rifle (skill 13, damage L9), takes a shot at a random Troubleshooter. All Troubleshooters must make a Moxie check to overcome their surprise and locate the sniper – those who fail are sitting ducks. The sniper as hiding behind a ruined wall (treat as partial cover), some distance from the Troubleshooters.
9-14 The Troubleshooters encounter a patrol of six ZOT Sector soldiers, armed with Red laser pistols (skill 8, damage L8). The soldiers are highly motivated (they will fight to the death), and have nothing of value on them except for spare laser barrels.
15-17 While passing through a ruined corridor, the Troubleshooters encounter a group of six ZOT Sector Commies, armed with slugthrowers (skill 9, damage P7), who are using the widespread confusion and panic as an excuse to grab anything of value they can find. In addition to their weapons and ammunition, the Commies are carrying up to four random items from the equipment list in the rulebook (up to Blue clearance).
18-20 The Troubleshooters come across a small horde of 20 ZOT Sector citizens, armed with makeshift clubs (skill 7, damage I5) or Red laser pistols (skill 7, damage L8). Driven from their homes by the invasion, these clones are eager to seek revenge on anyone who does not look like they fit in. The Troubleshooters fit the bill. They have nothing of value.
The Communications Centre:
Before long, the Troubleshooters will be guided to their first target – the Communications Centre. Ordinarily, this facility would monitor all messages to and from ZOT Sector by public access terminal, and ensure that messages sent from one part of the sector to another move without error. Now, however, the facility is a veritable fortress, serving as the main communications hub for the ZOT Sector Armed Forces. When the Troubleshooters arrive, they will find the building guarded by four Red Armed Forces clones, armed with slugthrowers (skill 11, damage P7).
Unless the Troubleshooters manage to kill all the guards within two rounds, an alarm will be sounded, after which everyone will be watchful for intruders. Once the guards have been killed, the Troubleshooters can enter the facility. A map key is below, which is designed to be used with prop #1:
A. Main Hall – This corridor runs the entire length of the communications centre. It is well-lit, and there are a couple of operational security cameras located here. All is quiet except for the section of the hall outside the Generator Room (D), where the muffled sound of electrical humming can be heard.
B. Janitorial Closet – The door to this room is unlocked. The closet contains the usual items one would expect to find here (brooms, mops, rags, cleaning fluids – some of which are flammable). There are no cameras here.
C. Washroom – This spotless room contains a number of toilets and sinks, as well as a loafing clone hiding in one of the stalls. He will do nothing if discovered by the Troubleshooters (he is unarmed), and would be willing to tell them anything they want to know, so long as they do not tell his superiors where he is. He only knows about the layout of the building, and how many clones are in each room. There are two security cameras here.
D. Generator Room – This room contains the large, noisy, cylindrical generators that supply power to the relays and other equipment that ensure communications flow smoothly throughout ZOT Sector. Monitoring the numerous gauges and terminals in this room, under the watchful gaze of three security cameras, are three Red technicians and one Orange supervisor (who is armed with a laser pistol – skill 7, damage L8). Provided an alarm has not been raised, the technicians’ first instinct upon seeing the Troubleshooters is to duck for cover, while the Orange angrily orders the intruders to leave (she will sound the alarm in two rounds if the Troubleshooters do not comply). If an alarm has already been raised, the technicians will be armed with makeshift clubs (skill 5, damage I4), and the Orange will shoot at the first stranger who enters the room. The technicians will then try to close in on the Troubleshooters. In either case, a firefight in this room stands a good chance of damaging some of the delicate machinery here – any missed shot has a 25% chance of hitting a generator, which, if the damage result is “kill” or greater, will cease to function; lesser damage will cause the generator’s output to fluctuate greatly. Due to the high noise level, firefights will not be heard outside this room if the door is closed, but if the generators sustain any damage, the clones in the Control Room (E) will notice the fluctuating power levels, and send two soldiers to investigate.
E. Control Room – This large room is filled with rows of terminals displaying reams of data, manned by Red clones noting down the information and speaking into headsets. Along the far wall is a large map (of ZOT Sector) being surveyed by a couple of Yellow clones, who receive typed reports from the Reds every few minutes, place flags on the map, and speak into ComUnits periodically. Overlooking the whole scene are two bored-looking Orange ZOT Sector soldiers. Mounted in the centre of the ceiling is a coaxial laser cannon (skill 10, L13 damage, ALL 5 armour), with a built-in security camera. This is of course the control room of ZOT Sector’s communications system – the Reds receive information from the field concerning enemy movements and the latest bombings, as well as damage to communications lines, and relay it to the Yellows, who mark the locations on the map and provide updates to Armed Forces units in the field, as well as direct field technicians in their repairs. If the alarm has not been sounded, only the soldiers will react to the Troubleshooters’ presence (they are armed with slugthrowers – skill 9, damage P8), and the Yellows will provide backup fire with their laser pistols (skill 9, damage L8). The Reds will cower under their desks. If the alarm has been sounded, the soldiers and Yellows will shoot at the Troubleshooters as soon as they open the door, and four Red clones will have been issued laser pistols (skill 6, damage L8), who will take pot shots at the Troubleshooters. Note that if the Troubleshooters started a firefight in the Generator Room, two of the soldiers posted here will have gone to investigate. In either case, the laser cannon activates after more than three rounds of continuous battle have taken place.
If the Troubleshooters manage to destroy or otherwise disable the generators, and render the control panels in the Control Room inoperable, the Communications Centre will be effectively destroyed for the purposes of this mission, and ZOT Sector’s resistance will be less co-ordinated in the face of the invasion. Time to hit the next target.
Ammunition Storage Facility:
After destroying their first target, the Troubleshooters should contact the Computer for further information (otherwise, It could contact them to ask how the mission is going), and It will give them the approximate co-ordinates of the Ammunition Storage Facility. Roll a few more times on the Random Encounter Table before they arrive (or for as long as it is entertaining to you). Finally, the Troubleshooters should arrive at their destination, a large warehouse-type facility that has obviously been refortified a number of times. Standing outside the entrance, behind chest-high steel blast shields (treat as nearly complete cover for combat purposes), stand four Yellow ZOT Sector guards, whose orders are to shoot first and ask questions later. They are armed with slugthrowers (skill 13, damage P9). If the Troubleshooters do not manage to kill them within three rounds, they will alert the combots located inside the building that intruders are on their way.
Assuming the Troubleshooters kill the guards, they will be able to bypass the first automatic door, but the second one will not open (the guards are the only ones around who know the code). It can be opened either by making a successful Security skill check, or by blowing it open (treat the door as having ALL4 armour), but if this is done the combots will be alerted.
The Ammunition Storage Facility itself is one large chamber, with storage racks along the walls and crates piled in the centre (GMs may refer to the relevant map – prop #2 - but it is not necessary). Illumination is provided by a couple of overhead lights, and two security cameras survey the scene. Patrolling this room are three combots, armed with mounted slugthrowers (skill 7, damage P8) attached to 50-round belts. Also in this room are the ammunition themselves – crates of slugthrower rounds of all sorts, laser barrels (of Red, Orange, and Yellow clearances), energy clips for sonic rifles, and cone rifle shells. The combots have orders to shoot anyone who does not show them proper authorisation (valid tongue prints only), and any firefight with them stands a chance of becoming disastrous to everyone in the building. Missed shots have a 30% chance of hitting a crate containing highly explosive ammunition – if the shot does “incapacitate” or greater damage to the crate in question (crates are treated as having ALL2 armour) the ammunition inside explodes, doing its damage to everyone within 5 metres of the blast. These explosions, in turn, have a 50% chance of causing a chain reaction in neighbouring crates, and so on.
If the Troubleshooters manage to destroy or disable the combots, they can help themselves to the ammunition. Since they obviously cannot take all of it with them, and they were ordered to destroy the facility, the Troubleshooters could do so by setting off the remaining ammunition (which would produce a big explosion, and would do F15 damage to them unless they ran away very quickly), or they can find some other amusing way of doing so. With the destruction of the Ammunition Storage Facility, ZOT Sector’s forces will have lost a lot of their supplies, thus hindering their defensive effort. Once this is done, it is time to proceed to the final target.
Information Processing Node:
The Information Processing Node is located deep within Alpha State/ZOT Sector (several rolls on the Random Encounter Table would be in order here) – a copy of all the data entered into ZOT Sector terminals ends up here, and this is where the Computer accesses data relevant to the sector for Its own purposes. In Its own schizophrenic mind, the Computer chose this as a target because, in Alpha State, the destruction of this node would drastically reduce the complex’s information processing capacity, thereby preventing it from co-ordinating responses to invasions and the like. This node is located beneath a ruined transtube station, at the end of a long sloping tunnel (the Computer can guide them if necessary, or the Troubleshooters can interrogate one or more of the locals). Please refer to the map (prop #3):
A. Guard Room – This room is occupied by six Green ZOT Sector soldiers, armed with semi-automatic slugthrowers (skill 13, damage P10), standing behind a waist-high steel barrier (treat as partial cover for combat purposes). These guards have been apprised of the desperate situation outside, and they have been ordered to kill any armed clone entering the room. Also in the room are two security cameras, mounted near the ceiling behind the guards. Unless the Troubleshooters manage to eliminate the guards within three rounds, a general alarm will be sounded in the node, alerting the other occupants that there are intruders. The automatic door leading into the rest of the node is unlocked.
B. Information Processing Area – This large room contains a formidable cubicle maze, overseen by three security cameras, and occupied by Red clones rushing about with piles of printouts detailling relevant information entered into terminals located throughout ZOT Sector. When they are not running around, they are at their desks, dealing with the paperwork dropped off by other clones. If the alarm has not been raised, the Troubleshooters will have the element of surprise, and for the first ten rounds, the minor bureaucrats will be in a state of panic and try to avoid the intruders at all costs. After that time, however, some of them will overcome their fear and pull out their laser pistols (skill 7, damage L8) and try to destroy the Troubleshooters. If the alarm has been raised, the Troubleshooters will have a welcoming reception waiting for them. While trying to navigate the cubicle maze, the Troubleshooters should not be given much time to think – the GM should make the descriptions quick, and ask the Troubleshooters to decide quickly which way to turn, what to do, and so on. Hopefully, the Troubleshooters will become separated from each other, and mistakenly shoot at each other from around corners, thinking those approaching footsteps are of enemies. Eventually, however, the Troubleshooters should be able to make it through the maze (or blast their way through it – treat cubicle walls as having ALL1 armour).
C. Processing Node – This chamber consists of a platform, bounded by metal railing, suspended over a deep shaft. Rising out of the darkness is a pillar-shaped machine (the actual node itself) covered with blinking lights and festooned with wires. Mounted atop the node is a security camera. There is no one else around. The Troubleshooters will probably take this as a cue to blast the node to pieces, which is fairly easily done (it has ALL3 armour). Once this is accomplished, the Information Processing Node is out of commission, and ZOT Sector’s computers will no longer act in a cohesive manner, nor will their communications with the Computer be reliable. If the other two targets were destroyed, ZOT Sector’s defensive effort will be crippled, resulting in a victory for the Troubleshooters’ side. Now it’s time to return home…
Chapter 7 – The Triumphant Return?:
As discussed in Chapter 5, if the Troubleshooters managed to drop their tacnukes on their designated targets, then there will be nothing left for them to do but to return home in one piece. Easier said than done. Not all of the enemy vulturecraft were destroyed in the initial assault, and in fact more have left their hangars since then. The GM should determine how many bombers managed to reach their targets and accomplish their missions, and how many Alpha Complex vulturecraft remain as escorts. As a rough guide, assume roughly 10-20 bombers are still in the air, accompanied by an equal number of vulturecraft. Pitted against this will be a force of roughly 10-20 enemy vulturecraft, half of whom will try to intercept the remaining Alpha Complex forces before they can leave ZOT Sector airspace. Play out this battle as laid out in Chapter 5. If the Troubleshooters manage to evade pursuit, or if the remaining enemy force is destroyed, the mission can proceed to the debriefing stage (Chapter 8).
If, on the other hand, the Troubleshooters were shot down or otherwise forced to continue their mission on the ground (as laid out in Chapter 6), things will become more interesting. They will be forced to make their way across the territory between Alpha State/ZOT Sector and home base. Unfortunately for them, instead of the mysterious Outside that they might expect to see between two complexes, they will be confronted, once they reach the outer perimeter of Alpha State/ZOT Sector, with a confusing network of half-ruined corridors, transtube tunnels, and other facilities that greatly resemble Alpha Complex. In fact, they are traversing what was once BLK Sector, which was inadvertently destroyed by stray tacnukes from the bombing raid.
Not far behind the Troubleshooters are a large number of surviving ZOT Sector soldiers, who, although they know they have lost the war, recognise the Troubleshooters from eyewitness accounts, and decide to take out their frustrations on them. Thus, you, the GM, can ensure that the heroes of this mission will have some company on the long trek home, taking potshots at them whenever possible, and trying to set traps for them along the way. Those Troubleshooters who fall into the clutches of their pursuers will enjoy lingering deaths. Once this is no longer amusing for you, you can let the surviving Troubleshooters make it to the safety of DUD Sector Armed Forces Hangar #42, or let them be intercepted by the advancing ground forces from DUD Sector (who were given instructions to ensure that any personnel from the first wave are sent back to base safely), and proceed to the debriefing (Chapter 8).
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2022.01.27 03:06 Littlest-Lapin Unpopular Opinion: Nintendo Switch Players Deserve a Chance at Past Ultimate Gifts

I honestly hesitated on posting this because I don't necessarily like stirring the pot and getting people angry at me, but I've heard many others discussing this on Discord before, so I figured I'd just go for it and endure any pain that I might earn from this thread.
With that being said, please, hear me out and try to not be harsh about it. I really want to have a civil discussion.
Sky was released for the Nintendo Switch on June 29th, 2021, just in time for Season of the Little Prince, which started on July 6th, 2021. However, this means that Switch players missed out on previous seasons. A lot, like myself, didn't have either the tablets or the phones to play Sky on mobile. Maybe they couldn't afford it. Maybe they didn't have the right kind of phone or tablet to play it (I have a fairly recent smartphone and it isn't compatible with Sky!)
Honestly, I know I'm probably going to get a lot of hate for this, but I think Switch players deserve a chance to get past Ultimate Gifts, like the owl hair or the manta ray cape. TGC could make them In-App Purchases and/or tweak their designs up a bit so that even those who earned the original gifts can get those on top of the originals. Maybe make events where you have to work for the rewards again and they can cost a lot of candles or even hearts?
I don't know, but it's unfair that Nintendo Sky Kids never got a chance to even have some kind of way to earn the Ultimate Gifts from the past. I've heard that TGC WANTS to try and bring back past Ultimate Gifts but veterans are digging their heels in and protesting.
What do you guys think?
Please don't hurt me... *hides behind pile of sandbags and puts on helmet*
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