Cat Oven? Try Cat Cauldron!

2022.01.27 02:41 Broken_Emphasis Cat Oven? Try Cat Cauldron!

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2022.01.27 02:41 AnonymousDevil0907 LOOKING FOR THE GOTH LOLITA PURSE

Offering: Cherry Blossom skirt, Mon Cheri bodice and 28k
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2022.01.27 02:41 not_john_paul_jones IWTL How to be (more) social media literate to help streamline our non-profit’s presence online to increase donors and donations.

I work for a non-profit that interacts with older kids some during school but mainly with out-of-school activities on afternoons and occasionally weekends. We do not charge students or families for regular activities but we sometimes have irregular events that we charge a cost on, i.e museum or theatre trip we would pay transportation and some admission but they would pay some on their ticket. We do have discretion to pay all if it’s needed and choose based on each individuals situation, but if we did that for everybody all the time we’d run out of money. We depend 100% on fundraisers and donations for our facility and operating budget.
We have a social media presence, but just barely. (Facebook with mainly time and dates for upcoming events) It is not what it could be and is certainly not working the most it could for us. In addition to our normal informative event posts, I want to learn how to beef up our online presence to really catch potential donors attention and track how many times posts are viewed and links are followed from certain posts from certain events to try and streamline our social media presence for maximum benefit.
I’m looking for books, online courses, tutorials, or programs to help me in this endeavor. (I don’t want a degree but I want more than a wiki how) Free or low cost is nice, depending on suggestions and the product, I don’t mind spending 300$ or 400$. I am taking the initiative for this and will be spending personal time and money.
Thank you for any info!
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2022.01.27 02:41 Freeze_kiss 70 left

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2022.01.27 02:41 chrisor97 [Xbox One] Spyro Reignited Trilogy (Bilingual) - Xbox One is $22.50

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2022.01.27 02:41 djobverse Help me choose

I'm having a really hard time choosing which country to go for masters. I will be graduating in '23 and I'm aiming at MS IN Computer Science Engineering. I'm very confused what to choose between. USA, Canada and Germany. I have about 6 months left for writing the relevant exams and shortlisting and applying. Kindly help.
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2022.01.27 02:41 sbark91 Last minute 1099 NEC question:

I am a self employed bookkeeper and I am trying to figure out if I need to 1099 myself from my business clients. Every client definitely paid me over $600 each for 2021. However every client paid me through Paypal (goods and services) or via the third party payment thing/QBO invoices. No one paid me directly with cash, check, or transfer, but some did pay their QB invoice with their bank info/via bank transfer. So from what I understand, those that paid via their bank owe me a 1099? But they paid through a processor…do you see where I am confused? This is why I have been putting this off. Trying to use the QBO 1099 is only compounding my confusing because its arbitrarily leaving random payments out of the total.
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2022.01.27 02:41 gohanvox New Ghoul look remind anyone of that old movie, "Phantom of the Paradise"?

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2022.01.27 02:41 BlankVerse A teenager and an adult were charged in connection with 8-year-old's fatal shooting in Chicago

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2022.01.27 02:41 jofNR_WkoCE Why do they keep uploading reviews of games that came out years ago? Shouldn't the focus be on newer games, so they bring more eyes towards the channel?

I grew up watching G4, loved the channel, meant so much to me.. But people aren't really looking up reviews of Far Cry Primal anymore, guys, that game came out just a month shy of 6 years ago. Nearly everyone who wanted to play it already has.
I've noticed this also being a trend with several other video uploads on the channel, like Resident Evil 7, Ghost of Tsushima, Arkham Knight, Fortnite, etc. It feels like so much time + effort is being devoted to games that've already been covered to death years ago and I'm not sure if this is the right way to bring new eyes in + keep people watching
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2022.01.27 02:41 DesperateFlounder620 yes that is what i said

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2022.01.27 02:41 Vaughn_Archer Did a little photoshoot with my Bugout clone!

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2022.01.27 02:41 randomboy2543 ich⚡️iel

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2022.01.27 02:41 cltzzz The Depth isn't that hard.

5 more floors to go.
Build Untouched Clay Bell of Beckoning and save scrum before each boss fight.
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2022.01.27 02:41 Shiv-Boi Doctor said 2000 grafts to fill that spot and pull hairline till that line. But i wanted it to be lower. He said it'd look unnatural. What should I do? Will this little pull to hairline make a difference!?

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2022.01.27 02:41 ciaux25 Butti

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2022.01.27 02:41 FrauleinHabsburg Amazons training NIGHTMARE

Hello everyone, this will be a long rant about the atrocious training process I just went through, I dont enjoy complaining, I am doing it because im very frustrated and genuinely curious how/why Amazon chooses to do training this way. I apologize in advance for the post being so poorly structured, and I want to sincerely thank anyone who bothers reading it and giving feedback. I really want to see if this is the typical Amazon training experience for drivers everywhere.
I recently got a job for an Amazon DSP & just completed 2 days of training (done by Amazon). Long story short, I start my first actual shift tomorrow morning and I am not prepared whatsoever - right now Im feeling quite a bit of anxiety because I KNOW im not comfortable enough with operating the vans ill be driving and I dont even understand how to load my packages correctly. Im so irritated by this I made this Reddit account solely to come post about my experience here, hopefully for some catharsis/advice, but also to see if someone can explain to me why the training was so terrible. At first I assumed it was just me, I thought I didnt have the intellectual capacity to absorb the information or something, I thought theres no way a company like Amazon would put together such an impotent training program for the people who will be delivering packages, it HAS to be me. Finally at the end of day 2 I spoke with 3 other people from my training group and was SO relieved to learn they felt the same way I did, each of us felt confused (because after hours of training we felt we didnt learn anything) and nervous (because we werent ready to start our shifts the next day).
The training program is awful for a multitude of reasons. You spend two 8 hour shifts watching videos on a little Kindle tablet, occasionally youll answer questions on what you learned. 95% of the training is spent watching a handful of the same lessons over and over - MOST of the lessons arent about how to do the job youre going to do.. You know how many times I had to sit through a video explaining what each letter in REPS stands for? At least 10, NO im not exaggerating. You go over so much of the same information but none of it is about the tasks youre actually going to be doing, hours upon hours of tedious information which wears you down so fast, and Ive yet to even learn about how to do my job. Then when you get to a section which begins to explain how you actually do these deliveries, how to use the app to scan in your boxes, load your van, follow your route & make deliveries --- its vague/unclear and just poorly structured, its on a small screen you can hardly see, and its too short. Of course, the lessons which explain how to do your job dont get repeated like other lessons do, not like itll be important right? Okay, lets watch another video of how to get out of the truck. I get it, 3 points of contact, why WHY WHY WHY do you think you need to tell us THAT every other video and NOT spend nearly as much time on how to actually do the job when I get out of the damned truck.
Know what really blows my mind? In the 2 days of training for a DELIVERY DRIVER position I only spent 20 minutes behind the wheel of a van. The Kindle lessons will beat you over the head about how driving these vans is a lot different than personal cars (longer, wider, heavier, taller, blind spots etc), youd think they would TRAIN you at the TRAINING how to actually operate the van which they insist is tricky to get the hang of. WRONG!!! After watching animated cartoon vans change lanes on a 2D screen and parallel park in cartoon cities, Amazon believes you now will be able to operate the van in real life. I was taken to a small parking lot with a bunch of cones set up, they were all pretty close together, and ill be honest, even in my little Hyundai Elantra it wouldve felt "snug". When the van was parked in the middle of the cone lane you had about 2 feet of room on either side of you. There were two of these lanes side by side divided by cones in the middle which were spaced out about the length of the van I was driving. For me, it was intimidating - first time in a large heavy van, limited visibility, not a lot of room AT ALL. And the course wasnt even a "training" setup , it was like a test. WTF. The guy with me was only there to play the driving instructions on his device. At first it was just drive straight down to a certain cone. Then reverse back. Then a simple lane change, which I did inefficiently because I didnt know how to maneuver the large booty of the van!! After those 3 relatively simple maneuvers I had to do a serpentine forward and backward through those middle cones. I kept asking the "trainer" how and when I should start lining up my turns in a longer vehicle like this, AKA, how to drive the van because I would end up getting too close to the outer cones in the wide turns... Im not a bad driver, Ive never been in an accident and I am very mindful with exceptional hand eye coordination, but being behind the wheel of such an alien set up, having to make these tight turns in a narrow space - it was stressful. Then I did a 3 point turn, a parallel park. Thats it. None of my maneuvers were good, I didnt hit any cones, but I would have if there was one more layer of paint. So now tomorrow morning Im expected to be able to drive a 10 hour shift in this vehicle.
Id like to mention that the instructions were given from a handheld mobile device the trainer had... it gave instructions on how to line up the turns, for example, "Pull forward to cone 2, line up your front right tire, pull forward, once driver door passes this point begin to turn, after so long straighten out & continue forward to the Yellow cone". The problem is, its said all at once at the beginning. Then there is a picture of the cone layout on the screen... none of the cone numbers or colors in the training course matched what was shown on the screen giving instructions which made me even more flustered.
Oh, and we also got a 10 minute tour of the warehouse. He briefly showed us where we park to load our vans, where the staged carts will be. He explained how we will scan and load the packages nonchalantly as if we knew what he was talking about - probably because he thinks the training material covered it - problem is the sliver of training we got on using the app and how/when to scan & load packages was tangled up in the hours upon hours of other information youre bombarded with all day. None of us actually understood what he was saying, we knew the words he was using sounded familiar, I definitely remember hearing them in one of those lessons... then tour over, go back and finish more Kindle courses. Hope youre ready to do it tomorrow in under 20 minutes, loser.
Listen, I know im not Jeff Bezos, a man who created one of the worlds largest companies. I know im not important, or particularly intelligent, in fact, I doubt anyone is even still reading this. Im not trying to take away from what Bezos built, I will gladly concede I am not the smartest person.... However, I cant help but ask why the hell the training course wouldnt have MORE DRIVING TIME?!! And how about make fake deliveries??? Give us devices which mimic the devices wed be using on our deliveries, have us "scan in" some crates, load them, and do a fake delivery out in the parking lot??? Please someone tell me if im making sense here. Is that idea really that farfetched? Am I wrong to think only giving recruits 20 minutes in a van, but 16 hours in a Kindle is ABSURD???
Instead, all I got were a handful of screenshots of the app (which we were told were out of date and the actual device wed be using wouldnt look like the example on the Kindle screen). It gave a handful of scenarios of deliveries youd make, then showed screenshots of different menus (where youd go to do the next step). Amazon cant make some emulator which operates like the delivery app does? Let us actually explore the thing, find the answers ourselves. Thats how a lot of people learn. Just showing us the menu doesnt imprint the knowledge in my head.
During the brief tour of the warehouse and while reviewing a stupid packet of the bare bones basics (worthless) our trainer would occasionally ask if we had any questions, and every single time at least 2-4 of us asked a question, and I cant explain it to you guys, but even after getting an answer we were still confused. Again, I thought it was only me who was feeling that way, but when the other people said the answer they got only made them more confused I felt vindicated.
A big reason for this is the 8 hours straight of lessons. Some are tedius, a few offer contradicting info, youre quizzed on the same stuff over and over, its a deluge... youre tired, your eyes hurt, your neck hurts, and then he quickly summarizes how to do something you only went over once hours ago... am I making sense here?

Why, WHY isnt there more training on the actual operation of the vehicle?!?! I feel like Im going crazy. How can all the big wig executives who make Amazon run decide 16 straight hours of watching videos about what REPS stands for will prepare us for our duties? I have to assume many people complain about this training process, its objectively SHIT. Or perhaps its just a coincidence everyone inn my training group who I happened to ask agreed with me entirely and we all had a wholesome moment of rejoice when we knew we werent alone in our confusion - That is not okay. But perhaps everyone else found the training to be helpful. There was one guy, he was from Haiti I believe, his english wasnt very good and I could tell he was lost a lot of the time, I wish I couldve helped him, but the training was so bad knowing English doesnt even help.
I get why some of the information would be repeated, but the thing is the way they repeated it and for how long. The lessons just felt mish mashed together, it felt like they just combined all the older and newer versions of the same lesson and said "good enough". And with all the lessons they repeated nonstop, why not the lessons on how to USE THE GOD DAMNED DELIVERY APP & HOW TO LOAD YOUR VAN.
Why not some lessons about how driving a lrge van is different from personal vehicles? How to line up turns, when to start turning, stuff like that. The lessons tell you those things are different in the van, but they never tell you HOW.
There was ONE lesson that said when turning left out into an intersection (if theres two lanes) take the right lane for the wide turn you need to make. See, how is it possible I remember that lesson out of HUNDREDS of lessons which have all melted together like a sick fever dream in my mind? Because it was the only one which covered operating the van. Then it moved on to, YET ANOTHER video id seen multiple times
Most of the videos are needlessly long, others are needlessly short. This has to be some kind of sick experiment, I refuse to believe someone at Amazon designed this course and actually is convinced its effective.
Its so bad, the trainers leave the room for most of the day. They came back intermittently to sit at their desks, dismiss us for breaks, but they were gone in the break room down the hall 80% of the time. People testing would get up and pace back and forth by their desk staring at their Kindle screens with glazed over eyes, its like we were lobotomized patients in a looney bin doing the Thorazine shuffle, but sitting in a rock hard chair, in a cold room, having to bend your neck down to look at the small Kindle screen..... it was just TERRIBLE.

But my DSP told me that ill be getting a small load of packages for my first day, so ill be fine. Did not make me feel better. Im sitting here right now thinking about tomorrow, not being able to park that van correctly, not even know what the fuck im doing, not even a little bit..
oh, OHHH, and the coffee in the break room was unforgivable. You know when you drive in the snow/slush and the tires kick up snow and dirt/rocks/debris onto the area above your tire and it forms a large cancerous looking lump of black snow and pebbles? Okay, imagine putting a cup underneath that malignant mass and waiting for it to melt.... that is LITERALLY what the coffee tasted like.

Real cool.
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2022.01.27 02:41 lostinpeyups which commencement exercise program will you join if you graduated during the midyear?

for example, if i graduate during midyear 2022, will i be on the AY 2021-2022 or AY 2022-2023 program?
sori ambobo ng tanong ://///// just rlly not sure
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2022.01.27 02:41 maysch What Is The Best Limited Time Fast Food Item? (The Bracket, Ep. 013)

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2022.01.27 02:41 Almedinz 25 [M4F] - USA EST [Relationship] Wanting to meet someone

Hi, Some of my general interests are politics, keeping up with news, gaming, memes and in general watching random things on YouTube. I don't mind someone that has different hobbies than me, it makes it more interesting when it comes to exploring new things. A rough description of me is that I'm white, 6 feet tall, skinny and live in New York state. If interested feel free to DM, take care
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2022.01.27 02:41 kevinandrew21 BITCOIN CRYPTO - DON'T PANIC WATCH THIS!

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2022.01.27 02:41 NSRANTS Given an extra unreasonably

Hi guys i recently OOC from BMT and was posted to a unit. My OC threatened to make me sign an extra and this was because, I booked a trip to Thailand during CNY with the purpose of visiting my relatives and was told to cancel my flight. Is this allowed?
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2022.01.27 02:41 pigio1 Size 10 black feet scrunched

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2022.01.27 02:41 CalligrapherOk7854 Sjovt som hun pludselig deler billeder af Luna, efter hendes sure opstød med, at folk har en CrEePy ObSeSsIoN med alle i hendes liv, og at hun har lavet en mere privat Instagramprofil.

Sjovt som hun pludselig deler billeder af Luna, efter hendes sure opstød med, at folk har en CrEePy ObSeSsIoN med alle i hendes liv, og at hun har lavet en mere privat Instagramprofil. submitted by CalligrapherOk7854 to InfluencergossipDK [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 02:41 filmyreveal Netflix, Munich: The Edge Of War Movie Ending Explained: Review 2022 - Filmyreveal

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