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Trying to level threw bgs be like.

2022.01.27 01:39 Just-Distribution-10 Trying to level threw bgs be like.

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2022.01.27 01:39 nonamehawks Essence trade

I have blue and yellow essence for trade. I'll trade 3 to 1 for green. 2 to 1 for red
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2022.01.27 01:39 vicksman 「海底ケーブルの話題がニュースになって、初めて海底ケーブルの存在を知った人がその存在を疑ってるの好き。 でも突然『世界中をメチャメチャ長いケーブルで繋いでます!』とか言われても信じられないよな。さらに『江戸時代には既にありました!』なんて言われたらもっと信じられないよな。わかるよ。」 という無職のあくおんさんの投稿

「海底ケーブルの話題がニュースになって、初めて海底ケーブルの存在を知った人がその存在を疑ってるの好き。 でも突然『世界中をメチャメチャ長いケーブルで繋いでます!』とか言われても信じられないよな。さらに『江戸時代には既にありました!』なんて言われたらもっと信じられないよな。わかるよ。」 という無職のあくおんさんの投稿 submitted by vicksman to newsokunomoral [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 01:39 Designer_Cxp Y'all should trust small submakers

Y'all should trust small submakers Alright so I used this clear skin subliminal from two small sub maker called fluorine and NOIRITY and let me tell you! my right cheek was having small red little spots and they were all gone in just a few hours of listening to their clear skin subs
Here are the links - https://youtu.be/QyzpGN_Bzik and https://youtu.be/71umBk4V0Uw
I know they aren't any major difference but I'm really happy 😊First is from morning and second is from the evening so my skin appears lighter but trust me I got results from them
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2022.01.27 01:39 Top_Nefariousness_63 My (6 mo) kitten cries whenever I move around my apartment

I grew up with numerous cats and they’ve all been pretty quiet and meow when they’re hungry, thirsty or want something.
This kitten I got from a friend a few weeks ago however (He’s taken good care of her and experienced the same thing) cries incessantly whenever I move from one room to another or walk around my apartment to do anything (clean or cook).
She always calms down when I settle down somewhere like my sofa, desk or bed. As soon as I get up and she sees me though she’s always at my legs meowing loud and won’t stop until I’m seated somewhere.
Any ideas on what this means or how I can work with her to stop doing this?
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2022.01.27 01:39 CutiesAwin Project xG - xG studios -

I saw something new today the Project xG. If you really want a legitimate and high qualities NFTs with a real value and a real stories behind it you need to see this platform.
They created NFTs base on the IRL sporting - from sporting events, milestones, winning and many more for personal and team achievements. They got it all!
Learn more here: Website: https://www.xgstudios.io/ Medium: https://medium.com/@xgstudios Telegram announcements channel: https://t.me/xGstudios
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2022.01.27 01:39 emoney894 Rachael Ostovich

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2022.01.27 01:39 MidnightOperator94 [WTS] Access Virus Indigo (V2) Redback - $1,500 shipped CONUS

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2022.01.27 01:39 spillyerbeanz The French Connection (1971) or The Exorcist (1973)?

Which William Friedkin movie do you prefer?
I finally got a chance to see The French Connection and was glad to enjoy it so much because I was greatly disappointed with Exorcist. I think Exorcist unfortunately suffers from the number of derivative imitations that came after it. Some of it undoubtedly feels dated because of that. Plus I wasn’t that interested in the side characters storylines.
French Connection on the other hand was a tense & wild ride that I was hooked on the whole way through. I usually don’t like movies centered around a chase/manhunt but it worked so well. Also, Gene Hackman is god tier casting for the lead role.
What do you think, what’s better?
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2022.01.27 01:39 sentinail I really am kinda feeling bad about this, but also not really.

While doing research for school I found this (was researching methods of research, so meta).
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2022.01.27 01:39 Wyohittin Any advice for a new dev on building city? I'm going for an urban city something like saints row

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2022.01.27 01:39 T2SP1 I'm cooking, he's begging. This is his go to, Im cute move, well really his only move...

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2022.01.27 01:39 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Octane] [Bubbly] [(Alpha Reward) Gold Rush] [Black Alchemist] [Black Lightspeed]

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2022.01.27 01:39 oZealious That feeling when your own daughter is cooler than you will ever be

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2022.01.27 01:39 JAC_40 Well I cracked early. This is the most significantly differnt rye I've had. I'm still getting the Moscoto nose but with a "new" oak smell. The taste is a fruity citrus flavor with the new oak taste with a hint of tobacco. Proof is a little low but no ethanol taste at all.

Well I cracked early. This is the most significantly differnt rye I've had. I'm still getting the Moscoto nose but with a submitted by JAC_40 to WhiskeyTribe [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 01:39 vahidahmadi2050 david lynch nft

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2022.01.27 01:39 BullfrogNeither Looking for a gaming laptop

Well as in the title im looking for a gaming laptop to buy around 1k to 1800 $ but i dont want it to look so gaming 😅 idk if you got me but to give you an ex like razer blade 15 and hp omen 15 , i really like these two laptops although razer price is sooo insane xd xd but im looking for other suggestions !! Btw only 15’ pls
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2022.01.27 01:39 kokasexton Scientists Express Horror at Elon Musk’s Neuralink Brain Chip

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2022.01.27 01:39 Rustyzzzzzz when r/teenagers is based as fuck

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2022.01.27 01:39 Ancient-Pause-99 Baby spiders all over mattress protector keep or chuck

I hung my mattress protector out to dry and because of the heavy rain and sun the grass shot up and now it's covered in baby spiders. Do you think if I brushed the spiders off it'd be okay to use or do you think they've laid eggs in the material? About 15 spiders I don't know what breed. It'd be expensive to replace the mattress protector as it's king size and waterproof.
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2022.01.27 01:39 Eastern_Prompt3396 An edit of a roblox oc and a narrator I guess

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2022.01.27 01:39 RoyalMayhem Is NEU trying to game the ranks again?

Apparently they only count fall admits as accepted students brining their acceptance rate to a whopping six percent. That’s lower than even Harvard…
I know they’ve games the rankings in the past but this is just upsurd. Proof
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2022.01.27 01:39 explorerofbells Vegan Theory server

Hey comrades,
I'm a part of a discord server called Vegan Theory Club that's run by mix of leftist tendencies. It's a theory club that's explicitly leftist and vegan, but we talk about more than just the book of the month.
We just started reading Eternal Treblinka - Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust by Charles Patterson, which we voted for. Right now is the perfect time to join!
We'd love to have you!
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2022.01.27 01:39 Doggieisfat What theme should i change my challenge?

D.1.9 theme
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2022.01.27 01:39 regachoisiah Locnville – Cadillac

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