2022.01.27 01:33 Chaffey21 WHAT THE FUCK

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2022.01.27 01:33 snappydresser61147 People Keep Posting Fake Funny Moon Knight Panels So Here are Some Real Ones

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2022.01.27 01:33 TheLinkinForcer SWAT 4 Remake 1.4.1 Playthrough

Should I also playthrough the SWAT 4 Remake 1.4.1 mod?
View Poll
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2022.01.27 01:33 CJPsalm139 How late would I have to stay up to watch the new episode tonight?

I live in Arizona, and as such I am not affected by Daylight Savings time. This, of course, makes it really difficult to figure out when "The next day" is for something that "streams free the next day". It's generally not midnight for me. I know LOT starts streaming at "8/7C" but that's only 1 AM for me. It generally doesn't appear on the app/site at 1 AM for me.
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2022.01.27 01:33 WonderfulCat7 How to confidently enforce mask policy to residents as a new RA?

Hi all,
This is my first year as an RA and was recently notified by my RD that any residents we see not wearing a mask indoors in our campus apartment community will receive an immediate write-up. I am curious about what would be the best way to word this to residents when I see them without a mask indoors as well as tips on confronting residents with confidence so they can take me seriously.
I partially took this position to work on my speaking skills when it comes to being the bearer of bad news instead of avoidance. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.27 01:33 Reliculus anyone wanna give me an award?

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2022.01.27 01:33 stockinvest-us TITN: Signal Alert - Undervalued identified

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2022.01.27 01:33 Shujinco2 Theory: There is a Blind Eye Society in Ghost Game

For those not in the know, the Blind Eye Society is a, for lack of a better word, cult in the show Gravity Falls, that erases people's memories of all the weird and creepy things that happen, in an effort to keep the peace.
I think Ghost Game has something similar:
We know people know of hologram ghosts. They're frequently named, and rumors abound about them. However, for the things they actually do to people (at least as we've seen), it seems awfuly strange nothing is ever mentioned. Or at the very least, it seems like it's not very alarming.
Like you think you would hear a lot more about kidnappings and missing people. That was a lot of people attacked by the likes of Mummymon, and Phelesmon, and there's just no real mention of those people being gone.
The newest episode made me think of this the most, because of it's absurdity: (and spoilers for those who haven't seen it yet)
There is a tent out there that is known to be mysterious. Known to be magical, etc. Seems like a good bit is known about this mysterious tent, at least as far as rumors go. And yet, what's the one thing missing from the whole thing? The amount of missing people. The fact that people don't come back. That's a glaring, obvious hole in that entire rumor, and I think there's an explanation why.
If you've seen Gravity Falls, or even Men in Black, you know what this is. The secret ,insert group here. dedicated to protecting the fragile human mind from the crazy stuff going on. And it would make sense that there was a group of such individuals that get to work when these things happen.
It could explain why only rumors remain of stuff clearly happening, and to lots of people. Because having such huge holes in the story is kind of suspicious to me. I wouldn't be surprised to learn there's some strange stuff going on behind the scenes here.
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2022.01.27 01:33 Cathton When did you guys watch AEW? Mine is July 17th 2021

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2022.01.27 01:33 FOREXcom Where is AUD/USD headed next?

Jerome Powell’s press conference on Wednesday paved the way for US Dollar bulls with his comments signalling a rate hike in March was all but certain.
AUD/USD extended its decline despite data from earlier in the week showing Australian inflation surging during Q4. The pair now looks at risk of a much deeper pullback as it eyes a retest of its 18-month lows and the key support level around 0.7000.
However, it does still have the potential to stave off the drop. The RBA is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, and following the hot CPI print and strong AU jobs report, could they surprise the market with a hawkish pivot?
All trading carries risk, but it’ll definitely be interesting to watch how this unfolds over the next week.
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2022.01.27 01:33 lukasdaman My favorite shirt’s got a few big holes, can someone help me where I can find it online?

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2022.01.27 01:33 SoundVybrations Ride ft. Twenty One Pilots (NTR Remix) by NTR Sounds (Sound Vybrations- No Copyright Music)

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2022.01.27 01:33 Blindguardian951 [POSITIVE] for /u/Glensonn [buyer]

Smooth transaction great buyer!
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2022.01.27 01:33 Abdulla015 Fipi

This project interested me at first sight and for good reason, now I fully support and take part in the development of this project, I wish good luck to the developers.
FiPi #Presale #FiPiIndexes #IDO #FiPiAPP https://fipi.io/
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2022.01.27 01:33 INTJ_dragonwarrior WHY IS MY BULB ALMOST BURNING HOT????

Not sure where to post this.
Got home, turned my room light on (three bulb fixture). Earlier in the day one of the bulbs was flickering. The same bulb flickered again when I came home. The fixture had been on for a half hour to 40 minutes when I smelled hot plastic, and the bulb was casting a weird light. I reach up to unscrew it, and it's almost burning hot. I'm not exaggerating at all here. WTF???? Why was the one bulb so hot and smelling of hot plastic while the others were fine? Is my house at risk of burning? WHAT IS THIS?? I put that bulb in not too long ago.
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2022.01.27 01:33 Mimi-Kiki hey you, give me some dark fnf headcanons!

Maybee I'll rate them later I gotta go sleep rn
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2022.01.27 01:33 MarcoSoChill Choker

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2022.01.27 01:33 BackgroundAudience90 Remboursement crédit logement

Bonjour à tous,
je viens de changer de résidence principale. Je suis passé de A à B.
J'avais un crédit amortissable classique avec caution crédit logement pour le prêt A.
Et j'ai fait prêt relais+prêt amortissable pour acquérir B (encore caution CréLog) en attendant revenus de vente de A.
Aujourd'hui A est vendu, ainsi on a remboursé la fin du crédit A, ainsi que le prêt relais.
J'ai reçu approximativement 1 mois après le remboursement de ces deux prêts, de l'argent de Crédit Logement. Je suis étonné du montant remboursé par CréLog, je m'attendais à plus.
Est-ce que quelqu'un connait les règles de remboursement CréLog pour m'éclairer ? Merci
(PS conseiller bancaire était un nouveau et sa période d'essai n'a pas été concluante...)
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2022.01.27 01:33 song_of_soraya Recently picked up a DS pair of the 2004 ‘Shanghai’ SB Dunk Lows. One of my faves from back in the day!

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2022.01.27 01:33 _Rick_1K Shiloh & Zeus attacking some neighborhood kids

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2022.01.27 01:33 Turias42 WIP: What if Hogwarts was a giant robot?

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2022.01.27 01:33 Pmv882 Just for a laugh

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2022.01.27 01:33 kumaaaar King of Failure

A podcast idea I am looking to launch in the coming months just doing some rudimentary research, on talking about everything failure and negativity only .
Let’s see if we have enough votes might be an interesting angle to take it from .
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2022.01.27 01:33 Papyrus72846 FT: 5IV Impish Bulbasaur w/ Fantastic Sp. Def (5 available)

As stated in the title, I have 5 bulbasaurs available with 5IVs. Their weak stat is sp. def, but it's still fantastic, and their nature is Impish. I think they're all male, but I'll have to double check that (will update later lol).
I'm honestly not sure what I'm looking for, but I'm open to basically whatever offers. Maybe other 5IVs y'all have, especially starters or cool Pokemon like nidoran (I know that's super vague, I'm sorry).
Should be able to trade most evenings US eastern time! Or we can work a time out, whatever lol.
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2022.01.27 01:33 ContentForager2 Shameless weight lifting (/r/shameless)

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